Aymie Amor

Sales Associate / Executive Assistant - Dwight Colbert Team

Raised and brought up in the quaint city of Adelaide, Aymie always knew she was looking for something more, so when she came to Brisbane in early 2017 for what she thought was a short trip, she simply never went back.

Having left the comfort of her parents abode at just 16, Aymie has worked hard for the last 9 years in customer service and consultation environments. Through this she has developed a strong work ethic beyond any other, holds a deep sense of integrity and continues to bring value and service to her clients in every aspect conceivable.

With a highly empathetic attitude, she recognises her vendors and buyers needs through a genuine interest in them where she provides diverse paths to take in accomplishing the desired result.  Aymie believes in continuing her education in the Industry, she consumes new information daily, keeping on top of latest trends and refining her craft to be able to bring the best service to her clients. 

Her tenacious nature is demonstrated through her persistence in building relationships, showing transparency with all information and holding to her core beliefs of real hard work whilst bringing value to clients.