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Kristel Koidu

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Born and raised in Eastern Europe, Kristel travelled to Australia 12 years ago where she instantly fell in love with our land and never looked back!

With a family business in the commercial sector, Kristel started working from a young age and developed a great understanding of what drives people & how they use space. 

She has an extensive career in customer service, where she managed over 120 staff in the hospitality industry & negotiated $100K lawsuits for Body Corporates.  Here she gained a strong foundation in being able to manoeuvre client emotions during the most stressful times which now benefits her immensely in her chosen real estate career.  

Being a self-taught property investor/flip analyst has given her a modern take on competition when coming up with a strategic plan to market your property.  This combined with her previous experience, enables her to sell your home as well as being able to achieve the highest return on your investment.

This local barefoot, playful, beachy gal who is an investor, renovator, camper, ceramist, nature lover & polar bear activist is unusual to say the least, but she is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings with her infectious enthusiasm!

In order to work with her she does ask one thing of her clients, and that is complete honesty, which she will give in return.  There are not many agents with as high morals as her and not many that will work as tirelessly or with the full transparency; one thing you are guaranteed of is that she will never stop fighting for her client’s best interest.

Reach out to her on her daily Flinders stroll or hit contact below!

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