Nathan Lansdell

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Bringing a Bold, Exciting and Revolutionary New Approach to the Real Estate Game!

Born in country Victoria Nathan quickly developed a love for the sport of AFL alongside his passion for adventuring. Chasing the warmer weather of Queensland he moved with his family to Brisbane and set up shop, completing his schooling and trade studies as a sheet-metal designer.

After finely honing his skills he bacame a much sought after tradesman which ultimately led him into the Fly In Fly Out mining industry. Upon completing his last 2 year contract flying in to site 2.5hrs north east of Mt Isa, he took a year off to travel, spend time with family, revitalise his soul and explore his passion for real estate.

With his unrivalled enthusiasm  for hard work, founded and proven through his many years in mining construction, he is not one to shy away from a challenge and tackles everything he encounters with great vigour.  With energy to burn he can often be spotted out and about jogging the local streets in the evening in an effort to broaden his knowledge of the community. 

He prides himself in having a great understanding for relationships - building, strengthening and maintaining them.  He brings this into his work life and the relationship between himself and a client has a positivity that starts from the get go and is encouraged and continues well past when the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted.

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