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The people in our community: Carseldine

By Madeleine Hitchens

The people in our community: Carseldine

Shirley has lived in the Carseldine region since 1975 and has seen many changes in that time.

But the one constant has been the quality of people, great neighbours and great neighbourhoods.

“We came here in 1975 and I have been around the same area since then,” she said.

“When we first came here it was quite rural. We bought a home on acreage.

“There wasn’t all these big shopping centres, where the @AspleyHypermarket is there used to be a little church and bushland behind it.”

Shirley has enjoyed watching her little suburb grow and said many of the benefits she had enjoyed for decades where now being enjoyed by the new wave of people moving to the area.

“It’s a good neighbourhood,” she said.

“Good neighbours, nice people.”

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